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 Roleplay Guide

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PostSubject: Roleplay Guide    Roleplay Guide  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 8:47 pm


Roleplay means litterally "Playing a Role".
You are playing someone who is not you this is your character, and ONLY your character. You can't one day be a day student and the next a vampire then the day after a Lycan.
Breaking any rules of RP can lead to perma ban! So be aware what roleplay is before applying to the Forum.

In Character (IC) is your character you are playing with the background story you apply for.
Your character has NOTHING to do with who YOU are or others. It’s purely fantasy and no matter how ignorant you are IC, it is NOT you. Keep this in mind about others, too. Just because one person's char is a jerk doesn't mean THEY are. Some of the sweetest people you may know OC play real assholes IC.

Out of Character (OOC) on other hand is OUTSIDE your character, if it wasn’t obvious from the title . It means you are not active as your character but your true self. You are you when out of character, and if it happens that you are IC, and you have to go to pee, or go to do anything -- or even depart to RL, you will have to use brackets ((Also see RULES about it)). Brackets is, just like I used, ((Between these bubbles)) For example: ((BRB, food)). This is an important rule. So please refrain from doing otherwise.
OOC should be kept in IM's or PM's or the general board as much as possible.

Sexual play is allowed, as is violence. Of course it can happen and we never know beforehand if your RP-partner is comfortable with it or not, that’s why it’s required to ask beforehand whether it is alright to do something, whether it’s okay to have sexual play, and eventually ask for limits. It’s very important during RP, just pM the person and ask nicely.

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Roleplay Guide
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