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 Staff Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Rules    Staff Rules  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 7:05 pm


Being a teacher? Not so boring its actually fun!!!

We are coming up with more ways to make it so the teachers can have a bigger plot in all of this from choosing their own times of classes to much much more.

Subbing Class?
As being a teacher, you may sub your opposite dorm as you wish! For example X is Day Teacher and Y is Night Teacher. Y notices that there are more day students on than Night, if so, the teacher is allowed to sub for Day classes. And otherway around.

Teaching Schedule?
That's ALL up to you!! Whatever you wish to teach, whatever you wish to make the students do in class! All is your own choice! This is because we don't want the teachers to have a locked time every week. It will be more as real duty than RP fun.
However, we would love to if you would teach at least once a week. But whenever, whatever, ALL is up to you, and of course how many students are around.

We will be having the day teacher room in the day dorm and the night in the night dorm. For now until other arrangemnts are made.


((These are IC rules and will have IC consequences))

-No harassing or assaulting the students.
-No student/teacher relationships or affairs!!!!if you get caught
-((night staff:))Report any suspected feeding on day students at ONCE to the headmaster!
-((Day staff:))Report any abnormal wounds to the headmaster or doctor.

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Staff Rules
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