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 Background Story

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PostSubject: Background Story   Background Story I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 6:56 pm

This school will be reopening 20 years into the future from the last Cross Academy.
It is said a mysterious gentlemen came and started the works on rebuilding the school 5 years ago was the rurmor that was flying around. Then just a few months ago the famous Cross Academy reopens newly built. No one was really sure what happen at the old cross their were tales of a horrorible tornado and a attack on the school that took the old Cross Academy under.But the only people that really know the truth of what happen was the vampires,hunters, and the now dead lycans. A fight broke out right after the third tornado hit soon as the weather cleared they lycan's caught scent of the vampires, they rushed into attack at the vampires. In a matter of moments their was blood shed everywhere.. lower rank vampires, and humans were being killed left and right in this nasty brawl. Soon the hunters couldn't stand aside and watch them turn this place into a blood bath, they stepped in and started exterminating both the vampires and lycans. Soon the purebloods and Aristocrates stepped in to end this once and for all. Now things were later covered up by the Vampire conucil and the Hunters association, the suviriors memories were all altered. This happened 20 years after the orgnial story of Yuki, Kaname and Zero's horrors.

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Background Story
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