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 Night Class Roles

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PostSubject: Night Class Roles   Night Class Roles I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 9:01 pm

Purebloods ((RANK-A))*Restricted*

Purebloods are the elite race of vampires. They do not have a single drop of human blood in their lineage thus making them purebloods. Though they are few in numbers, they are -STILL- feared and respected. They are considered as the vampires within vampires for they have the power to turn normal humans into level E vampires. Each pureblood contains a unique power that is stronger than any other power. They have powers such as, transformation, healing, turning humans into level D vampires that will forever serve the, controlling the elements and even other vampires that are of lower ranking. ((Though in our RP They have limited powers and abilities to not make them too powerful)).
The true strength of purebloods is still unknown. Some purebloods have more than one power but most refuse to show it. Such is said by other vampires that a pureblood vampire’s blood taste better than aristocrat blood. It is said that a pureblood’s blood can grant eternal life to the human who seeks it if they are able to kill it and drink the blood as it dies. But no ones ever tried it to confirm.

Aristocrat: ((Rank-B))

Aristocrat vampires are descended from pure- blood vampires but, their blood was either tainted by common vampires or humans. Or they just have human blood in their lineage. Aristocrats also have a unique power. Most of them are either talented or very famous stars. Their powers are considered as the child prodigies we have today. Sometimes they have other powers as well.

Common vampires: ((Rank-C))

Common vampires are just common. Most of them are as they say in fairy tales, the living dead, but not all. Some of them are also descended for aristocrats but their lineage has been so tainted by human blood they have been reduced to becoming just...common. They could even be your best friend or your neighbor and most of the time; they don’t even realize they have vampire blood. Sometimes the blood lies dormant within then until when the time comes –if- that they need to become a vampire like their ancestors. Examples are usually near death experiences. They posses no special powers whatsoever, except the power to be stealthy and catch their ‘prey’.

Rank-D: ((Think of Zero))*Restricted*

Past humans are very rare to come by since the turning of humans into vampires has been banned. Though, some purebloods tend to break the rules. If an ex human drinks the blood of the pureblood vampire they shall become stronger and will not fall into the E level demon. If they can’t, they have to drink the blood of other purebloods now and then to retain their sanity. But asking blood from a pureblood is just too much. Without it and help from others a D level vampire can only last a year or two –maybe even less- before turning into a E level vampire. They crave for blood, blood blood....... They are medicated like most vampires who need blood, and they are standing as lust.
And with time if they lack -- will turn into level E.

Level E:*Restricted*

The result of a Rank D falling to an animalistic nature only having one thought in there mind and that is to feed on blood. Usually Level E's are dystroyed by the hunters or the vampire Council upon finding out. These vampires were often use to attack villiages and keep humans in fear in the dark ages.
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Night Class Roles
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