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 Nikolias Hardy / Taiyoo Satori

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Nikolias Hardy / Taiyoo Satori Empty
PostSubject: Nikolias Hardy / Taiyoo Satori   Nikolias Hardy / Taiyoo Satori I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 7:29 am

FULL NAME: Nikolias Hardy/ Taiyoo Satori

NICKNAMES Nik, Pervy Nik, Taiyoo or T

AGE: 18


OCCUPATION Novelist and secertly a singer and song writer

SEXUALITY: Bisexual ( he will be with anyone that he likes )

WEAPON (guardian, hunter, teachers only)


EYE DETAILS: Hazel brown eyes with blue in them

HAIR DETAILS: Hair color changes at times ( Standard colors Red with black roots, black hair, or blonde)

HEIGHT / WEIGHT 5'6/ 146ilbs

RACE human,vampire,angel,demon,werewolf.(pick one) Human

BUILD: Mid build as if he is filling out from working out.

Has a birthmark on his lower back that looks like a butterfly.

His style varies depends on his mood and what he has taste in. Stage look is more visual kai gothic punk.
VOICE what do you sound like. post a video maybe a person
His voice sounds almost like gackts and a little like this one guy from A.N.Jell
if using characters from anime


Being Kidnapped
Not writing a good novel
Never living up to his expectations
Failing at his music carree
being ratted out as Taiyoo Satori
Finding out about his true parents
Win a grammy
To find someone he can love for the rest of his life.
Staying on top of the best sellers list for his novels
Axe body wash and body spray
Women's perfume
Fresh ink


Playboy at times
Has been writing under 3 different pin names
Ghost writes for a lot of bands
plans to open a record company of his own
plans to open a publishing company

Races cars
Writes novels and music
Reads his rivals novels
scout out new talent
draws when he can

New laptop
pretty women and men
intellgent people
shaved ice
Cherry and lime Jello( don't ask why)

Stupid people
Crazed attacking fans
People that interfer in his love life
bamboo shoots
red beans
having writers block
tone deaf people
poorly dressed people

Has mastered six instrments( Violin,piano, saxphone, synth, guitar,drums)
physically in shape
Fast learner
great with words
great speaker
knows the business in both publishing and music well
Knows a lot about fixing cars

Falls for people easily
Horny bastard
His laptop
Hot headed
short tempered
callous at times

Nikolias is a arrogant person that sometimes takes what he does to his head, he does as he please at times and doesn't care if he actually hurt someone. He does however when he finds someone he cares about he is loyal to them to the bitter end. Always thinking of ways to better his self he will work to the bone doing whatever he think he needs to do. A perfectionous at heart if he doesn't like how his story is written he will scrap the whole thing as well when it comes to his song writing.
He loves to play tricks and get himself into trouble at times he has been known to skip out on his editors and managers causing them more of a hassle than anything. He is a romantic person at heart and sometimes takes his ideas that he writes from his real experiences or what he wish could happen to him in his life. He is a smooth talker and knows how to get his way if he know when to play his cards right. Nikolias not only a very good speaker but his mouth can sometimes tend to get him into trouble more so than he needs to be.


Kazuki Hardy( Adoptive parent)
Miku Satori- Hardy ( Adoptive Parent)
( Real parents unknown)
Kayoa Hardy (Adoptive brother)

None at the moment

Japanese/ American Mix
Rich due to his mulit carees


Starting out life Nikolas wasn't the most wanted or the greatest person. His parents left him in a basket in front of a lonely run-down orphanage, but even they did not wish to have him. At five years old the orphanage put them out on the streets where he create a story to talk his way into a school coming up with a fake name and a past he begins his journey to fame. Since an earllier age Nikolas has been able to create stories at random weither it was to weasle them out of trouble or to help put the other orphans to sleep every night. By the age of six he had been caught and was about to be kicked out when a man who by the name Mr.Hardy stopped on his way to work to take in Nikolas giving his last name. It was not known by Nikolas back then, but Mr. Hardy would not only be the man to save his life, but also his gift for writing. Mr. Hardy is a man who believes that everyone is born with gifts and that they should be showcased. It was when Nikolas turned ten that Mr.Hardy found notebooks of Nikolas's writen works with them he took Nikolas works to publishers. Soon NIkolas's works become known world wide and he becomes a famous Noveliest. Nikolas wrote Romance novels, Thriller novels, and his and his own autobiography. After a while Nikolas got the idea after going on tour with his adoptive brother as well as ghost writing music for some of the biggest names in the music industry, that he would branch out and start a music carree. Having practice with his adoptive brother in the stuido Nikolas found he did have an amazing voice and ear for music as well. By the age 13 Nikolas had mastered six instraments and was able to write complete sheet music. By the age 15 he went on to start up a group called Heartless Chaos which was a visual kei all boy group under the assumed name Taiyoo Satori taking the last name from his adoptive mother's maiden name. The group went on to be a huge hit in the jrock circuit not many people know the true look of Taiyoo Satori due to the fact he wears mask and heavy make up to cover up his features. Then one day Nikolas decides he needs a change of pace he wanted to go some place other than being home schooled. He decides after talking his brother into going to Cross Academy to persue seeing more of a normal life of a teenager and for more inspiration for his new novel series as well as music, He starts his new life at Cross in hopes of gaining more than he had in the pass. ( He's a world renowned Novelist, Song writer/ Singer (secertly))

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Nikolias Hardy / Taiyoo Satori
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